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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What do custom cakes cost?


A: This is the most common question when it comes to purchasing a custom cake. It is often expressed to us by visitors who have sampled Nancy's cakes to find a comparable cake elsewhere it would cost considerably more and might not  still be quite as delicious.  (To our surprise some have mentioned double or triple our serving price and higher.)


We are happy for the compliments and price our cakes where we believe the price is fair for the amount of all the work and detail and freshness we make our custom cakes with.


Custom Wedding Sheet cakes average at $1.50 per serving

Custom  (2 tiered) Tiered cakes average at $1.95 per serving

Custom Tiered Fondant cakes average at $3.95  per serving


And of course if your willing to sacrifice quality of ingredients, flavor and Nancy's famous icing, Cakes can be found less expensive at other stores. If you want a cake to remember, that is oh so good, our cakes will make your taste buds smile with delight.



Q: How much does a three tiered cake cost?


A: Well it depends on the size and shape of the cake.  A three tiered cake can serve a few as 52 servings and as many as many as 225 servings.  The cost per serving of the type of cake you would like is multiplied by the number of servings.  



Q: Do we deliver and set up your cake for you?


A: We sure do.  We set up the cake and decorations (meaning the ornament and flowers) on the cake so it is picture perfect and ready for it's photograph.



Q:Can we pick up the cake if our reception is out of the delivery area?


A: Yes you may. 



Q: How do you  cut a cake?


A: When cutting the cake it is most often best if the cake is cut by a professional.  However if that is not an option a cake cutting chart is offered here.  Cake Cutting Guide



Q: How do you save the top cake for the first anniversary?


A: Your anniversary cake (top tier of the cake) will save great if you store it in a sealed hard plastic container in the freezer.  Something like an ice cream bucket turned upside down with the lid used as the base for the cake to set on and the bottom used to cover the cake. Seal the edge by closing tightly.  There is no need for additional work.  Stored in the freezer for a year will ensure a delicious first anniversary delight to remember your wedding day. 



Q: Can I have a one-tier or two-tier cake ?


A: Yes. We often provide cakes for smaller weddings, and have a number of designs specifically as two-tier and single tier wedding cakes. Most designs on our website can be increased or decreased in size to suit your wedding party serving needs.



Q: What size of cake do I need?


A: This depends on the number of guests attending, usually including Evening Guests.
A 'standard' three-tier round cake would provide around 130 portions, and a three-tier square cake will provide about 150 portions. Please note that this is only a broad estimate, and depends on the size or each tier.  We also offer additional Sheet cakes which are decorated in a simple way. These are kept in back kitchen area by the reception facility/hotel and added to your wedding cake for serving to your guests, and provide an economical way of catering for a larger wedding party.


Q: When should I order my wedding  cake?

A: We limit our work to reach the highest quality- many clients book their wedding cake about ONE YEAR before the wedding, to make sure that they can have a Nancy's Cake. We can often accommodate short-notice requests, especially If your wedding is in the winter.